Hacking the Unknown

The End of the Pacification of the Beavers

Blake has an epiphany and realizes that magically altering climate change will hurt science.


He appears on Lem’s doorstep. It goes about as well as expected.


Jordan appears on Constance’s doorstep to argue about why dating vampires is a bad idea. There is too much information shared.


Lisa asks if anyone else wants a nocturnal experience.


Leopold stays up all night preparing for the big ritual.


Jordan has a drugged up tea driven vision. Heaven is a clerical bureaucracy. They see all the HR videos about what /not/ to do with humans.


Leopold rolls his Use Magic roll.


Lem hits the internet and calculates the truth of Blake’s ravings.


Leopold tries to get Helena to divulge her angle. She’s worried about renegotiating next time. Warns him about the Other Players. She’s been good and not shared with the others.


Constance warns Lem about the downsides of vampiric sex affairs. Implies that Jordan also disapproves.


Duc orders coffee, gets a little bored. Finds the book of unusual and impossible things. There is a reward for the return of the book.


Leopold makes sure everybody’s angles are factored in. Merriweather wants to reverse engineer it. Leopold wishes him luck.


Lem explains the problems to Leopold. Leopold gets slightly frustrated. He didn’t sleep last night.


Leopold notices that no one is as focused as he is. Oh well. No biggie. I guess.


The portal opens with a fanfare. Thomas actually looks good.


Everyone is dressed in more or less their finest. Lem wears his old dress uniform. It still fits. Appropriate suits more or less.


The portal swirls, the Sauve Beavers arrive. They look good. They are proud. The kids gleam like eagle scouts.


More fanfare. More beavers. More distant and formal.


As the inner circle is completed something snaps into place. Exactly like it feels like it should. There is a presence and we are all very present.


We are all able to communicate perfectly. It feels epic and meaningful and it lasts. It stays with us. Interwoven into our essence. From now one whenever we cheer, we feel part of something bigger. Duc saves the party with hors dourves


Cliffhanger: Blake is feeling focused and able to communicate, he is going to Hit on Jordan! Dun! Dun! Dunnnnn!


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